Alison Restaurant


The New York Times

July 6, 2008

By Joanne Starkey

FIRST there was Alison on Dominick Street, which opened almost 20 years ago in Manhattan. Later, Alison Price Becker added Alison by the Beach on Townline Road on the western border of East Hampton. Then, after closing both spots, she opened Alison Restaurant in Bridgehampton. In May, Ms. Becker moved it farther east to the Maidstone Arms in East Hampton.

It’s a perfect pairing: Alison’s elegant food and the gracious 1740 inn overlooking a pond. The dining room is decorated in the signature navy blue and white used in Ms. Becker’s previous restaurants. Walls are white, as are indoor shutters and napery; cushions on the bentwood chairs are navy. Numerous black-and-white photographs are by Ms. Becker’s brother, Jonathan Becker. Votive candles dot the tables and adorn a working fireplace (in use when the restaurant opened in early May).

There is also a separate bar called the Tavern, which serves its own menu of casual fare including burgers, pâté, shrimp cocktail and chicken paillard. This seemed to be the preferred dining place on a quiet weekday evening.

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By Peter M. Gianotti

June 27, 2008

Gurvich, whose most recent Long Island show was Four Food Studio in Melville, prepares a delicate and delicious crayfish fricassee, refined even more with morels, ramps, peas and crème fraîche. Its cool competitor: a salad of lobster and spring vegetables, with a supporting cast of fava beans, fennel, haricots verts, cherry tomatoes and herb-flecked aioli. A delectably irreverent pasta puttanesca interrupts the culinary calm with anchovy and caper, olive and tomato. Half-order as an appetizer? Impossible - would you take a spire from Chartres? But the "crispy skin" Murray Farms chicken delivers a roast worthy of Don Rickles. And that sirloin Bordelaise comes with white asparagus; the sauteed foie gras, with 50-year-old balsamic vinegar. The chocolate cake: just as rich.

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East Hampton Star

By Laura Donnelly


In some cultures marriages are arranged and all those who participate in or witness them have to stand by and hope for the best. With fingers crossed. The recent arrangement of Alison Becker moving her eponymous restaurant, Alison, from Bridgehampton to the Maidstone Arms in East Hampton feels like such a marriage. You really hope it will work but you’re just not sure.

    The Maidstone Arms has had a revolving door of names and chefs over the last few years, and nothing seems to stick. It is a lovely old building. A nice porch in front looks out on Town Pond, the swans and their six cygnets, and the beautiful cemetery. Inside to the right is a blue and green lounging area, to the left a small bar.

    The main dining room, straight ahead, is a pretty, low-ceilinged room, rather Colonial feeling. It used to be Williamsburg blue or Greenbriar green. Not sure. Now it has been “Alisonized,” as Ms. Becker calls it: The walls are a beautiful cream color, the lighting is good, the floors dark wood, black-and-white photographs adorn the walls, and the music is younger.

    The menu is short and has some tempting offerings, but not much in the way of local fish. Yet.

    We started with the spring lettuces salad with shaved radish, fresh herbs, and sherry vinaigrette; the crayfish fricasee with morels, peas, ramps, and creme fraiche, and the sautéed sea scallops with caper-raisin sauce, herb oil, cauliflower purée, and chervil. The salad was delicious, a dainty mound of leaves delicately dressed with a very high quality sherry vinegar and lots of nicely sprinkled-about herbs. It was the kind of salad you’d have in France or at a friend’s house — a friend who is a really, really good cook.

    The crayfish fricasee was also good. Any time crayfish are available, I’m all over it. The spring-like adornment of morels, peas, and ramps seemed like an odd combination, but it worked. Each flavor came through — the earthy morels, fresh, barely cooked peas tasting very green, and the sweet, swampy, salty taste of the crayfish in the rich creme fraiche.

    The sautéed sea scallop dish was recognized as an homage to Jean-Georges Vongerichten, cauliflower, caper-raisin sauce, and all. It was a beautiful dish to behold, pure white cauliflower purée topped with three nicely caramelized slices of scallop. And there’s my gripe. If there are three slices of scallop on your $16 scallop appetizer dish, that means you are getting one and a half sea scallops. I’d like to eat the other one and a half...

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August 12th, 2007

Artistic license, Spitzer style
George Rush and Joanna Rush Molloy Star Talk

Hillary and Bill were together last Saturday at, among other places, Ronald Perelman's estate and the home of Nicholas and Julie Sakellariadis, where beloved Alison Restaurant chef Robert Gurvich feted the crowd, despite having done so the night before at Schwartz's.


July 13, 2007

Alison is a lovely epicurean respite with a long copper bar, and award winning wine list (including a selection of Spanish wines), and an impressive tapas menu by chef Robert Gurvich. Enjoy the understated décor which features candlelit tables and banquettes in the sunroom or take advantage of Alison's new To Go option. The sirloin and sautéed striped bass are amond the restaurant's best dishes.


July 6, 2007


ALISON - Clients are delighted with the flavorful Mediterranean menus of returning chef Robert Gurvich. Elegant candlelit decor & copper bar.


July 5, 2007


Birthday Platt-er

Campion Platt, the noted architect and interior designer, gave a birthday party for his chic wife, Tatiana at Alison in Bridgehampton.

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Newsday Staff Writer

October 4, 2006

One reason to plan a drive out to the East End this time of year is that several dining spots are offering price breaks for the fall season. Alison, 95 School St. , Bridgehampton, is featuring a plat du jour every Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30 p.m., with a different special running every day. On Tuesday, for example, the dish is a lobster potpie for $27. Included is a green salad or a glass of wine. For information or reservations, call 631-537-7100.


"Her staff is a young and caring one, trained to make a meal; progress like clockwork the food is as good as it was at Alison by the beach, and that says a lot…the success rate was impressive."


"Alison Becker Hurts new restaurant arrives in achingly good taste…the food can be fine, the staff is genial. The dining room is meticulously well mannered."


"'Triple A' Delicious surf-centric dishes”

September 2004

"Imaginative? Definitely. Dining at Alison provides an opportunity to experience truly creative cuisine fueled by unparalleled instincts."

Hamptons Guide Summer 2004

"lovely little epicurean respite"


"Simple and Stunning"


" The wonderful food, décor and service remains the same. Alison Becker has once again created the perfect environment for enjoying some of the best food on the East End."


"Next time you’re in the mood for an impeccable meal, visit Alison."

09.30.04 (Sheridan Says)

" Pricey but Nearly Perfect…The new Alison is a warm, welcoming, and attractive place. The prices are high but the food is excellent."